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Boost the curb appeal of your home with our Concrete Cleaning service in Madison, Wisconsin.

Concrete cleaning is an important yet often overlooked part of proper home care, as it helps keep your concrete floors looking good and can help protect the environment from pollutants. Concrete surfaces are porous and contain tiny pockets that harbor dirt, debris, and bacteria.


By regularly cleaning these surfaces with a chemical-free or eco-friendly cleaner, you’ll extend the life of the concrete, make it safer for use, and reduce the risk of any water damage caused by mold or mildew growth. Here’s what you need to know about concrete cleaning.

Learn how to effectively clean and eliminate stains from concrete walkways.

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Preparing Your Concrete Surfaces

Before beginning any concrete cleaning routine, it’s important to make sure that there isn’t any large debris blocking the surface in question. Remove all furniture and wipe away cobwebs if necessary. You should also inspect the area for surface damage like cracks that could be deepened during the cleaning process. It may also be a good idea to wash around window wells and other points in order to prevent water damage while you clean your outdoor concrete areas.


Apply Appropriate Pressure

It’s best not to apply too much pressure when it comes time to scrubbing; instead opt for circular scrubbing motions across the entire area cleaned to ensure even coverage without causing wear and tear on the concrete itself. If you have particularly stubborn stains or dirt patches on certain areas of concrete you can use stiffer bristled brushes or pads specifically designed for this type of deep clean job - but remember not to press down too hard as this might begin damaging or etching into the material itself! Don't forget safety precautions such as wearing protective eye gear when using  pressure washer machines!


Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaners

When selecting a cleaner for your concrete surfaces, look for one with an eco-friendly or non-toxic base as these options will minimize environmental pollution in your yard or garden. Make sure to read all product labels before application so that you understand what is needed for each product's effective performance. In most cases, applying one tablespoon of cleaner mixed with warm water per square foot of surface is sufficient.


Apply Neutralizing Solution

Once all dirt has been removed from your outdoor concrete flooring then it’s time to apply a neutralizing solution which will help restore natural pH levels in the area after acidic cleaners have been used – otherwise they could cause long term damage if left untreated due to leaving behind residual salts! In some cases rinsing off with fresh water may provide enough neutralization but always be sure check manufacturer recommendations just in case there are special instructions specific to their product line before beginning treatment process. Remember: Too much acid can harm plant life.

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