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5 Must-Know Tips on Pressure Washing Your House!

tips on pressure washing house

Are you gearing up for a home pressure washing project? While it can transform your property, it's essential to be well-prepared for the task ahead. In this comprehensive guide, we'll equip you with valuable tips on pressure washing your house and tricks to ensure your home sparkles without causing any damage. Let's dive right in!

1. Protect Your Greenery: Cover Plants and Shrubs

If you're planning to use detergent during your pressure washing, it's crucial to shield your plants and shrubs. Even with eco-friendly solutions, the delicate pH levels of your vegetation can be disrupted. Whether you've invested in expensive landscaping or simply cherish your garden, safeguard your greenery from potential chemical harm by covering them diligently.

2. Guard Against Electrical Hazards: Cover Electrical Outlets

As the saying goes, water and electricity don't mix. This is especially true when wielding a pressure washer. The forceful streams of water used to eliminate moss, dirt, and mildew can sometimes find their way behind your home's siding. If an electrical outlet happens to be in the vicinity, you could end up with a fried outlet. Play it safe and ensure all outlets are covered during your pressure washing project.

3. Preserve Outdoor Furniture: Cover Your Patio Sets

If you're employing bleach-based detergent, it's essential to protect your valuable outdoor furniture, like patio sets. The combination of bleach and sunlight can lead to fading and unsightly white spots on chairs, tables, and more. While bleach is terrific for eradicating moss and mildew, it can be equally potent at staining and fading lawn furniture. Don't let your outdoor oasis fall victim to bleach-induced damage.

4. Pre-Rinse Your Windows: Don't Create Give Yourself A Head Ache

Before applying detergent, give your windows a thorough pre-rinse with water. This simple yet effective step helps eliminate surface dirt, dust, and debris. By doing so, you ensure that the detergent adheres evenly to your home's surfaces, enhancing its cleaning efficacy while preventing streaks and residue on your windows.

5. Stay Safe: Avoid Ladders for High Areas

When tackling hard-to-reach spots, it's crucial not to resort to ladders. Standing on a ladder while operating a pressure washer can be incredibly risky. The powerful force of the pressure washer can destabilize the ladder, leading to potentially disastrous consequences. Instead, consider alternatives like soft washing or investing in a telescopic extension nozzle for your pressure washer. Remember, your life is priceless.

Bonus Tip: Invest in Extra Hose Length

Attempting to reach inaccessible areas with inadequate hose length can lead to precarious situations. Don't resort to risky maneuvers like hauling your pressure washer onto the roof. Roofs are sloped, and pressure washers can vibrate, making them prone to toppling over. Save yourself from danger and buy extra hose length to ensure your safety during your pressure washing endeavors.

If these tips seem like too much work, or you'd prefer a hassle-free solution, consider hiring a professional from our vetted vendor network. They come equipped with professional-grade equipment and can take care of your pressure washing needs efficiently and expertly. Your sparkling home is just a click away!

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